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Hey! I'm Shital
I put strategy & thought behind your messaging

Before shifting my focus to copywriting, I worked as a CPA and analyst, so not only do I understand what a business needs to succeed, I think critically and strategically. When I write copy, I tap into these skills to analyze my clients' needs, targets, and audience and strategically choose each word to deliver the most compelling message to their audience.

Despite this left side of the brain profession, I have a creative spirit.  I always made it a point to delve into the creative process through art classes that sharpened my eye for design and participating in creative writing workshops that honed my writing and storytelling skills. 

About Me: About Me

I love that through copywriting; I can take my people skills, analytical skills, creativity, love of storytelling and use it to help organizations grow, all the while providing genuine value to their customers.

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