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Item List

Autoresponder Day 0 Email - Coaching Program (SPEC)

Company: Dave Winters, meditation, and career coach for creative professionals.

Product: Free 7-day Creativity Boost Challenge

Objective: Write the Day 0 autoresponder email that confirms subscription to the 7 day challenge.

Strategy: Deliver value by giving tips for success and generate interest for the upcoming challenge. I used a conversational tone which helps to make this email feel like it’s coming from a friend. I used personalization to connect better with the reader and offered value to build trust. I kept with Dave’s tone of being supportive and straightforward.

Email Ad - A1 Motor Oil (SPEC)

Email Subject: A powerful drive starts with this.

Snippet: Maximize engine performance with the top-rated motor oil.

Company/Product: A1 Motor Oil is a (fictional) brand with a high-end car maintenance product line.
Objective: Through an email ad, persuade prospects to purchase A1 Motor Oil on the company website.

Copy strategy: I crafted copy that speaks to A1’s target audience of men 35-50 who own and are passionate about their expensive/performance cars. The copy invokes the joyful feelings that come from driving a vehicle they love, creating an emotional connection, and reminding them of their first drive. By emphasizing this product's exclusivity of only being sold online, it appeals to his desire to have what’s best and unique for his car, using an exciting, urgent, promotional, and serious tone to compel him to purchase.

Email Ad - Macy's (SPEC)

Company: Macy’s is an American department store chain

Objective: With an email ad, get consumers to visit their local Macy’s store during their 3 day 40% off Mens sweater promotion.

Copy Strategy: I created copy that speaks to the target market of men ages 28-45 motivation of savings, convenience and style. This copy evokes the feelings of confidence that come from a stylish wardrobe upgrade. It clearly highlights the cost savings, and also that there are plenty of choices under one roof, appealing to his need for convenience in a promotional, urgent and clever tone.

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