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Rotating Banner Ad - Bayers (SPEC)

Company: Bayer is a German pharmaceutical company, known for its aspirin.

Product: ‘On the Go’ is a (fictional) easy to open, small aspirin bottle for busy and on the go individuals.

Objective: Through a 3-part rotating banner ad, persuade prospects to click and go to a Bayer page, where they’ll learn about stress and headache prevention and get prompted to purchase the new on the go bottle (fictional product).

Copy Strategy: I crafted copy that speaks to the target audience of men and women who are incredibly busy with their careers and families; they face a lot of stress and experience headaches because of it. The ad alludes to what life could be like without the strain of a headache with an insightful, understandable, and knowledgeable tone. The copy speaks to their busy lifestyle where productivity and staying on top of their tasks is a priority.

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