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Landing Page - free 7 day challenge - Dave Winters Meditation Coach (SPEC)

Company: Dave Winters, meditation, and career coach for creative professionals.

Product: Free 7-day Creativity Boost Challenge

Objective: Write the landing page that the prospect will land on after clicking on Facebook ad.

Strategy: I start this page with a headline that shows prospects the ease with which this challenge can be done. I wrote the indoctrination to further empathize with the target audience struggling with creating by highlighting their challenges, but I followed up with a solution. The description of the 7-day challenge is focused on the reader and shows them what they can gain from signing up for the free week.

Sales Letter - (SPEC)

Organization: is an online marketplace where students can sell and buy used textbooks for savings.

Objective: Include a sales letter within each book that a student has ordered, prompting them to visit the buyback page on the site to sell any used textbooks they do not want.

Copy Strategy: The copy I crafted speaks to the target audience of students ages 18-26 who are short on time and cash. Using a fun, friendly, straightforward, and helpful tone, I wrote copy that speaks to their pain point and offers them the solution of adding money back into their pocket by spending as little time and effort as possible to sell their used textbooks. Accounting for students’ busy life and the probability of not reading the whole letter, the sales letter has a straight to the point headline, kept short, with highlights on the main benefit and easy to scan instructions. I included a testimonial to add credibility and assurance of its value.

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