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VAST made by Africa - Home, About

VAST made by Africa - Home, About

Website Copy: Home Page, About Page - VAST made by Africa

Company: VAST made by Africa - A high-end fashion brand based in Kenya that uses conscious production practices & supports local artisans.

Objective: Establish trust and authority for this brand, clearly show prospects who VAST is and what VAST does.

Copy Strategy:
Home Page: I quickly conveyed to the audience in the header copy what VAST does and their USP in a way that tells the target audience what this brand can do for them. I added CTAs towards the top of the page and throughout the page to encourage prospects to stick around and visit other parts of the sites. I wrote copy for each product offering type, again conveying benefit to the audience interested in unique and conscious fashion.

About Page:I started the about page with a strong headline that captures the brand's vision. Here I wrote a high-level overview of what the organization does and captured the essence of the designs. ‘We aren’t about chasing trends,’ this line calls out and challenges fast fashion brands that are harmful to the environment. In the intro of the sisters, I built on their relatability with their collective vision for the organization and their values and method of work. The bios for the sisters highlight their unique experiences, skills, and why they’re best for the job. The CTA here is to lead readers to their practices page

Why Conscious: I recommended that this page be added to the about page to build extra authority and transparency for the prospects. So many brands use terms like sustainability and ethical without defining what that means, but the truly conscious shopper will want to know. I wrote to overcome objections by expanding on the mission, vision, and values of VAST and going deeper in-depth with its production method. The copy always keeps the target audience and their desires in mind.

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