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Email Ad - A1 Motor Oil (SPEC)

Email Ad - A1 Motor Oil (SPEC)

Email Subject: A powerful drive starts with this.

Snippet: Maximize engine performance with the top-rated motor oil.

Company/Product: A1 Motor Oil is a (fictional) brand with a high-end car maintenance product line.
Objective: Through an email ad, persuade prospects to purchase A1 Motor Oil on the company website.

Copy strategy: I crafted copy that speaks to A1’s target audience of men 35-50 who own and are passionate about their expensive/performance cars. The copy invokes the joyful feelings that come from driving a vehicle they love, creating an emotional connection, and reminding them of their first drive. By emphasizing this product's exclusivity of only being sold online, it appeals to his desire to have what’s best and unique for his car, using an exciting, urgent, promotional, and serious tone to compel him to purchase.

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