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Kipepeo Website - Home , About

Kipepeo Website - Home , About

Website Copy: Home Page, About Page (3 sections)

Company: Kipepeo is an online slow-fashion brand based in Kenya that appeals to conscious fashion consumers by focusing on simple and sustainable fashion that employs and empowers local artisans.

Objective: Write the copy for this website launch to appeal to conscious consumers living in North America and Europe. The copy should evoke this brand's kind, lighthearted, and joyful nature.

Copy Strategy:

Home Page: I used the homepage headline to convey the brand's essence while targeting the audience straight away. On the homepage, I added CTAs throughout the page to guide readers to different parts of the website. All descriptions are tailored to the target audience’s desire to have unique pieces, have a story, and be ethical in its production.

Because the Kenyan coast inspires this brand, I stuck to a beach theme for the SHELA product description. For the target audience living in Europe or North America, they are likely shopping for summer or beachwear, so I wanted to highlight the benefit of the versatility of this dress while mentioning the features.

The About Page – This three-part section (Founder Story, About & Practices) was ideal for building authority and connecting with the target audience. I wrote this headline to capture the brand’s USP and target the audience's values so they feel enticed to continue reading. I explained why the founder felt compelled to start this brand so the audience could feel a greater connection to her mission of helping the local artisans, communities, and the economy. The CTA’s move the reader to the next part of this section. The responsible fashion page was an important addition that addresses the target audience’s problem of not knowing what measures the brands take to be ‘sustainable,’ ‘ethical’ or ‘slow’.

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